Kovalska Real Estate

"Kovalska Real Estate" — one of the top Kiev developers, which makes our capital bigger, more beautiful and more comfortable. There was only one problem — very few people knew about it.

For the majority of Kiev residents, the Kovalska brand was 100% associated with concrete, but we wanted to talk about its human side, and, of course, about real estate.

So we had the image of a ballerina, which symbolizes both the brand and our target audience at the same time. So you can see a brand character who works harder and harder to create something new and beautiful. And really creates.

“From concrete. From iron. It stands " — Kovalska Real Estat

Idea and сopywrite: Vandog Agency

  • Creative Director: Irina Metneva
  • Copywriter: Seva Medvedev

Production and Postproduction: Chupacabra Production

  • Director: Kadim Tarasov
  • Operator: Yuriy Barsuk
  • Artist: Victor Buchkovsky
  • Ballerinas: Katya Kurchenko, Elena Gorshunova

Other works