My dog's deal

We worked for dogs and cats and created a new brand LayKit for the line of pet care products for Biosphere corporation.

The line consists of cleaning bags for pets on the street, diapers (або swaddles) and napkins for paws after a walk.

We approached communication and branding with humor, and suggested humorous names of subcategories: pokaketi, salfetuziki, pet-stilki. 

“We found insight - the majority refuses to take responsibility, including for their pets. And the one who gets a bag on the street and cleans up after  his dog, causes great respect”, - says Irina Metneva,  the agency's director. Consequently, the communication platform sounds: “Your damn business”.

A modern person who aims to post every step in social networks, by the way, hence the name ЛайKit, has the opportunity not only to receive a virtual approval, but also a gratitude from pedestrians and parents at children's playgrounds. ”

Having created branding elements - logo, corporate identity and packaging, the agency developed a series of communication messages for the product, so that the owners would enjoy the using of ЛайKit more pleasurable and funnier.

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