intellect in your skin

While you are working with a brand of epigenetics origin, you have to know epigeneticly deep. We have spent days with acquaintance with main epigenetic concepts, we have spent weeks studying our target audience and our search for insight brought a result in the form of a clearly articulated message: Surgene - "intellect in your skin". The message itself became one of the basics for visual communication. But at first there was a circle.

Circle — is the main form of the logo — the original symbol of femininity and harmony. –°ircle changes its forms and shapes for different product line identification symbolizing product adaptation for consumers needs.

For each line, we created its own shape and color which illustrating a product line specialty: protection, soothing, healing  or fast actioning.

Every form is «hugged» with a grid which repeats its rhythm — that is an exact graphic representation of the intellectual skin protectione.

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